Exam Date: 5/1/-5/31/21 (Training & Experience Questionnaire) Librarian I #65-665, the last to file for this exam is 4-16-21. Residency is Waived. **DUE TO COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS PLEASE MAIL ALL APPLICATIONS** The fee for this exam is $10. You may also get an application and view the exam announcements on our website at Check out Facebook to keep updated on exams, postings and job opportunities at: Applications must be postmarked/received by the Personnel Office by the last date to file. For more info & application on exam contact the Franklin County Personnel Office, 355 W. Main St., 3rd Floor, Suite 311- Courthouse, Malone, New York 12953. 518-481-1677 /1665.

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Is taking applications for a couple Data Collectors, will be trained, $18/hour and job takes about 18 months. All applications can be sent to Town of Waverly, PO Box 289, St. Regis Falls, NY 12980. Al

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