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WHAT IS THE FREE TRADER?  We are a free weekly publication that provides free advertising for individuals and a popular platform for paid advertisements.  The print publication is distributed every Thursday across northern Franklin County at over 200 grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, select restaurants, and other locations.  The paper is picked up voluntarily by 9,000± people every week.  An exact copy of the print publication is also available on-line every Wednesday evening, and is downloaded or delivered via email subscription to over 5,000+ people every week.  Our exact printed amount can vary from week to week, depending on the season, so please contact us for our most current distribution numbers.  Thank you.


OFFICE/CALL IN HOURS (Email is monitored 24/7 & will be answered within 24 hours): Monday & Tuesday 8 AM to 4 PM, Wednesdays 8 AM to 12 Noon, other times by appointment.  Our physical address is 246 Poplar Road, Constable.


GENERAL INFORMATIONWE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ADVERTISEMENT FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME. The Free Trader is our trademark and may not be used without our written permission.  View the First Edition of the Free Trader.  View the 1st use of our current Mast Head, June 11, 1981.  We do not send unsolicited emails, nor do we share email addresses with any third party.  Feel free to download or print as many copies our or paper as you like, with the understanding that the logos, slogans, etc. are the property of the respective advertisers/sponsors/artist, etc. and may not be used without their permission.  If you decide to copy their information, it is at your own risk.  We are not responsible for the content and validity of any advertisement, we sell the space in the paper and the advertiser has 100% control over its content.  Please be considerate when corresponding with us.  We save and record all messages sent in via email, phone, fax, mail, and so on.  Abusive language or any other communications that we deem inappropriate will be permanently blocked (email address, phone number, etc.), and reported to the proper authorities if necessary.


PAID ADVERTISING:  We do not have commissioned sales persons or contracts.  All advertisers are responsible to pay the base rate for advertising, unless we adjust your rate according to your schedule and payment history, at our discretion.  Please do not email us your credit card information, we cannot guarantee the security of credit card information sent via email or fax.  By giving us your credit card information and 3 digit code, you authorize us to use your card for any current and past due amounts.  Prepaid schedules and page reservations (Front Page, center, Back Page, etc.) are non-refundable and any errors or failure to publish will be corrected by a schedule extension.  Canceling a Front Page reservation will void any agreement, along with future reservations.  Any errors or failures to publish will be rectified by additional advertising.  Color disclaimer:  Color in newsprint can sometimes vary in color and quality.  There are no refunds for color charges.


FREE ADVERTISING:  Any item, any price, submit the ad every week, if you wish, but you must send it in each week.  If you're not sure how to word your Free Ad, please look at a current edition of the Free Trader for examples.  Readers are allowed one free 20 word ad, per household/phone number, per week.  When counting 20 words, we do not count the "For Sale" "For Rent" etc., or the phone number.  We edit any and all free ads we receive, even if they are under the 20 word limit.  Free ads cannot contain any business contact information, toll-free numbers, or web site addresses.*  You must leave your full name (it will not appear in the ad) and phone number.  Ads of a religious (does not apply to fund raisers or events, at our discretion), palm readers etc.,  political, personal (looking for love, friends, etc.) are not considered free ads: you would have to purchase a $5 Bold Classified ad.  Garage sales must include your street (911) address and can only run the week of the sale (not 2 or more weeks ahead of time).  Ads that provide a fee for service (lawn mowing, carpentry, errands, babysitting, etc.) are not free: you would have to purchase a $5 Bold Classified ad.  This includes events that are "free" but the purpose of the event is to solicit or introduce products to potential customers.  This does not apply to children under 18 years old.  Ads with "business-like" wording will be edited...for example if we receive an ad like this "For sale: Firewood, $50 per cord, we deliver or you pick up. 555-1212" - we would just put "For Sale: Firewood. 555-1212."  Please try not to put a general amount of items "rabbits" "boards" "tires" - instead, put specific amounts "2 rabbits" "4 tires" we know you're not an at home business.


Help wanted ads are always free and can contain business contact information.


*These guidelines do not apply to community service ads, which do not have a 20 word limit.  Also, community service ads run continuously until the date of the event (where applicable), so you only have to send in the ad once.  Events must be free to the public or for a non/not-for profit organization or fund raiser.



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